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charismathics was founded in 2004 and has meanwhile become a true milestone maker of the cryptographic industry. With our expertise and references in embedded hardware security, we have built a major step into the product development of the new company. Since 2005, and with its incorporation, charismathics gmbh, has concentrated its activities in Munich, Germany, serving the globe with a unique product of its kind.

charismathics´ expertise is a fully integrated and transparent interfacing between tokens of all major hardware vendors, and the current IT networking environments installed around the globe.  


charismathics has focused on the development, deployment and servicing of hardware security tokens of all form factors and provides simple-to-use solutions for IT security applications since 2005. With our recent product releases, we are currently building the corner-edge products of the industry:

  • first truly hardware token independent software worldwide (2005) 
  • first USB token with flash memory extension worldwide (2005) 
  • first implementation of ECDSA algorithms in PKI clients worldwide (2005) 
  • first match-on-card fingerprint implementation for PKI clients worldwide (2005) 
  • first standard mass production software for token personalization worldwide (2005) 
  • first PKI client supporting Trusted Platform Modules worldwide (2006) 
  • first PKI client supporting all worldwide pre-boot environments (2007)
  • first PKI app for smart phones (2010)

charismathics tries harder. As your business is important to us.


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San Francisco, California, USA
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Munich, Germany
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