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charismathics iEnigma® is a Bluetooth or WIFI based all-in-one software solution for smart phones with an optional support for microSD cards. It replaces a physical smart card and a smart card reader by fully integrating their features into a smart phone, adding even more and lifting your system to a new security level. A simple installation process, full application compatibility and the integration with Windows and Apple security layers ensure a new user experience using a device that most of us carry around with us all day long.

  • unreached user friendliness - your smart card now has a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse!
  • full data encryption of all channels ensuring the most effective counter measures ever
  • upgrade of all existing security schemes, including domain-based password logon and PKI

charismathics iEnigma supports all major smart card operating systems including NFC and other contactless derivatives. charismathics iEnigma also interacts with 3rd party smart cards, USB keys and microSD cards and represents an independent product even migrating into existing PKI schemes, or upgrading them.

charismathics iEnigma is currently available for BlackBerry 5.x and higher, for Windows Mobile in combination with Windows 7, as well as for Apple iOS with MacOS X. Consult the complete charismathics iEnigma technical requirements table to verify that your phone is ready for this innovation. The Android (Google) product version for Windows will be released in Q3/2012, while Apple iOS support for Windows will follow by the end of this year.

charismathics iEnigma runs on

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iEnigma product modules

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iEnigma application: how to logon to your Windows system

the only full PKI smart phone application worldwide

Together with the optional charismathics plug´n´crypt® microSD card carrying a PKI hardware chip, charismathics iEnigma combines the security of a smart card and a smart card reader with the convenience of a regular memory extension card to create a unique new product: Your easy-to-use companion for contactless mobile security, and data storage.

charismathics iEnigma is an integrated product combining:

  • the standalone software application residing on both computer and smart phone
  • supporting tokens in a variety of memory areas: in the secured phone memory, on the SIM card, as secure element supporting NFC, in a regular smart card and on flash memory extention cards
  • an optional microSD card support with flash memory and an additional PKI chip aboard
  • supporting Windows Active Directory passwords and all private or public certification authorities

Moreover, and with our charismathics mobile security interface©, charismathics iEnigma integrates into all well known standard software solutions, increasing their usability, convenience and security on the desktop and in the corporate network environment.

charismathics iEnigma application support

charismathics iEnigma supports the applications on the supported smart phones as well as the applications on the computer it has been paired with. It acts exactly like a smart card in the system - every application is supported in exactly the same way. But this way you carry your digital identity wherever you need it: at home, in the office and while you are travelling.


charismathics iEnigma allows pairing a single smart phone to multiple computers - and also allows multiple smart phone users to use the same computer. It also allows mutliple users to access the same account or control the access rights by a 4-eye principle or more. Using the charismathics iEnigma caching feature, it will even handle fully automated logon when reaching the Bluetooth range, logging-off of your account once you leave it again.


charismathics iEnigma is fully compatible with the Microsoft Crypto API, Apple´s Security Deamon, and comes with all required interfaces. Subsequently it seamlessly supports all state-of-the-art token management systems and certificate authorities. charismathics is also closely working with all our partners to enable our customers' architectures to work properly, reliably and securely. Hence, and before releasing them for use, we run our products in outstanding and exceptional environments to ensure a maximum of technical acceptance and stability.

charismathics iEnigma features and benefits

  • charismathics iEnigma carries all your credentials wherever you are using true PKI security
  • supports all regular PKI applications and token management systems out-of-the-box
  • incorporates secure channel messaging and secure PIN entry by default
  • with an optional microSD card embedding a security chip, provides for true data encryption and secure credential storage
  • integrates into most common smart card OS types and profiles of 3rd party vendors
  • features single user support
  • 1-to-many and many-to-1 option for utmost flexibility within enterprise use cases
  • supports Active Directory passwords
  • offers PIN and password caching options for hands-free operation
  • plugs into existing authentication environments for smooth system upgrades

your inquiry

charismathics iEnigma is currently available for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, and will be made available on all other major smart phone platforms soon. The charismathics plug´n´crypt© product suite is available with and without PKI client software. Biometric sensors, file encryption and password management software are optional extensions. Please include all optional features and the required volume in your inquiry.


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