solutions for small to medium sized enterprises

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Small to medium sized enterprises need complete solutions from a single vendor that solve their most basic needs at a cost that is affordable. charismathics provides simple yet powerful products, e.g. the smart security interface, to all clients. The smart card and USB token independence of this PKI client software guarantees that the enterprise will never need to worry whether or not the smart cards they use today are compatible with those they used yesterday. Smart cards of different types can even be used at the same time.

The simple integration with the corporate certificate authority, like Microsoft CA, or public key infrastructure allows a seamless installation and management of the certificates in the organization. Profiles for authentication are easily created and managed from one directory infrastructure, like for example Microsoft Active Directory Services (among others).

And the decisions for which smart cards used in the future remains completely open.

charismathics also provides a comprehensive choice of hardware form factors like smart cards, USB tokens, SD memory cards or contactless tags, all offering the same convenience in security and user friendlyness.

solutions for large enterprises

Large enterprises benefit from the positive aspects of smaller companies, with the added advantages deriving from the openness and completeness of the charismathics solutions. The flexibility of charismathics allows large enterprises to remain independent of single suppliers of smart card operating systems. The flexibility stretches also to the client support which includes both Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh. Several directory infrastructures including both Microsoft and Novell are supported, as well as every standard form of certificate authority and PKI. charismathics enhances its solutions with complete and scaleable token management solutions as well as meta-level single sign on.

The plug’n’crypt smart token provides large enterprises with a platform which is customizable with their own corporate identity. These smart tokens can also be passed on to customers in unique solutions. The combination of smart card and memory in the plug’n’crypt token is a perfect solution for providing a secure storage and authentication mechanism, also for internet based services and secure payment. The applications are endless. 

A contactless chip (including all forms of Mifare, etc.) can be added as an option to the plug’n’crypt smart tokens, further expanding the application into real world corporate environments: for physical access and payment, for example.


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