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Similar to government, governmental institutions, including schools and universities require openness and flexibility. A major issue of educational institutions is, and will remain the value for money of the chosen solution and the return on investment of the solution. charismathics has a number of benefits to universities that make our solutions the number one smart token of choice:

  • Least expensive acquisition costs
  • Handy portability of data features
  • Functionality of smart token (including smart card AND reader) and up to 8 GB of memory
  • Easy to add and manage tokens – constant need for new / replacement tokens every year
  • The plug’n’crypt® are the most robust tokens – both dust and water-proof.
  • Log-on features included in the authentication mechanisms allow students to work remotely, and cooperate with other students and professors.
  • Secure login to course registration and online university resources like the library greatly reduces the administrative costs of running the university.


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San Francisco, California, USA
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Munich, Germany
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