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e-government is more than putting scores of government forms on the Internet. It is about using technology to its fullest to provide services and information for businesses and citizens. New forms of e-government are evolving. The boundaries of security, identification and standards are being tested and scrutinized like never before. charismathics has an answer for governmental organizations that are seeking insight into best practice ways of implementing these scenarios.

charismathics’ smart security interface© frees governmental organizations in the present and in the future of dependence on a single supplier of smart card solutions. Multiple smart card suppliers can operate simultaneously, without conflict on the reader systems and client devices. This ability alone saves governmental organizations millions and provides an enormous leveraging power when negotiating initial and renewal contracts.

charismathics products follow open systems architectures, while supporting security interface (PKCS) standards. The products are built to run on any number of client operating systems, including Linux based devices. The software components are built in a modular format, so that certain modules can be licensed individually. Software escrow contracts are available to reduce the risk for large deployments. All of this supports the flexibility and openness required by governments to protect their investment long into the future.

digital signature

charismathics with it hardware and software solutions support the digital signature laws of local regions and countries. The specifications of the following countries have currently been integrated:


  • Brazil
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Singapore

We constantly increase the number of countries supported by our software. Conformity to other local signature laws per country or region can be attained upon request.


, idf15 119x70 18 - 20 Aug 2015
San Francisco, California, USA
, anniversary 119x70 22 Sep 2015
Munich, Germany
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