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IBM PartnerWorld is an award-winning, global program designed to help our Business Partners increase demand, grow their business, improve profitability and enable their clients to participate in the revolution that is fueling a smarter planet.

IBM works alongside our Business Partners to create and deliver unique client value through our combined capabilities, expertise and offerings. More than 100,000 solution providers, independent software vendors, consultants and integrators have aligned their business with IBM and reap the rewards, including greater profitability, reach, access to new and emerging technologies, more satisfied and successful clients.

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IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On automates sign-on and access to enterprise applications, eliminating the need to remember and manage user names and passwords.

The Red Paper under the title of "Configuring Strong Authentication with IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On" shows additional technologies and specific examples based on charismathics CSSI to increase the security access level with the use of smart cards.

The additional Red Book publication "Enterprise Single Sign-On Design Guide Using IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.2" offers security officers, administrators, and architects an overview about how to implement a strong authentication based identity management solution in a medium scale environment.

iEnigma application: integration with IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On (2-users scenario)

An important use case for the ISAM ESSO product is when two users are logging on to the same computer. Starting iEnigma the first user will be logged on by the detection of the smart phone application. By entering the PIN of the smart phone token and pressing Enter the Windows logon will be performed together with the ISAM ESSO logon at the same time. If the first user leaves his desk, as soon as he's out of bluetooth range of the computer, Windows is logged off and the user is logged off from the ISAM ESSO application at the same time. The second user that approaches the computer will be detected by the application automatically and is required to enter the PIN, the same way the first user did before. iEnigma performs the logon to Windows and to ISAM ESSO simultaneously. If the second user leaves the bluetooth range, he will also be logged off of the computer and of the ISAM ESSO application. If the first user then comes back to his desk, iEnigma detects the first session, does not require the user to enter the PIN anymore, logs on to Windows and to ISAM ESSO and gets back to the first session.


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