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Bell ID

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With over 20 years of expertise, Bell ID is considered the world’s leading provider of lifecycle management solutions for tokens (e.g. smart cards, mobile NFC phones) deployed in single and multi-application programmes.
Bell ID software solutions are used worldwide by governments, financial institutions and corporations to manage large volumes of identity tokens, payment cards and NFC enhanced mobile phones. It is trusted by token issuers to manage the lifecycles and the complex relationships that involve multiple issuers, tokens, applications, keys and certificates.
From its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Bell ID employs the largest team worldwide of technical experts dedicated to developing token management solutions. The company’s solutions meet the demanding requirements of international standardisation bodies such as EMV, FIPS 201, and GlobalPlatform in the Identification, Payment, and Mobile telecommunications markets.

  • For more product details about the core value of our joint proposition, please check our CSSI middleware page.


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Intercede is a public listed software company specializing in identity and credential management, with a twenty-year track record of successfully delivering cyber security solutions to some of the world’s leading organizations.
Intercede MyID software manages the secure registration and verification of identities and issuance and lifecycle managementof devices and credentials. The resulting assured identities and trusted credentials managed by MyID are used in a wide range of applications including smart badges for combined physical and logical access, multi-application national eID/citizen cards, personal identity verification (PIV) solutions compliant with US government standard FIPS 201, electronic travel documents, first responder authentication credentials (FRAC), enabling smartphones for secure email and mobile identity.

  • For more product details about the core value of our joint proposition, please check our CSSI middleware page.

vps ID Systems

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The Nexus-Group provides world leading solutions for Identity and Access Management. We deliver “Security through Simplicity”.
With the merger of Nexus and vps ID Systems, we are able to aim higher and implement common global solutions for a simple, but secure electronic communication. Nexus’ skills and solutions within logical access will together with vps’ skills and solutions within physical access enable us to be a world leader within the area of Converged Logical and Physical Access.


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