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With all new charismathics smart secure interface license purchases in bundle with a charismathics hardware device, charismathics is also providing its customers with a bonus, a free of charge password manager tool, the charismathics plug'n'crypt pssword memory. Not only will you therefore be able to enjoy charismathics CSSI usability with your smart card or USB token, but you can now also securely store up to 20 of your mostly used passwords directly and conveniently on your hard device. You can even forget about the specific passwords, the software will manage the access to your accounts automatically. And if you can't get enough, you can upgrade to greater functionalities by applying to one or more of the ControlSphere modules.

charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory runs on

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charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory functionality

charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory provides password storage and management service on secure devices (smart cards / USB cryptographic tokens). In addition to that it can also automate account and password entry to all standard Windows, third party and web programs.

Thanks to the heuristic approach, it can automate nearly all credentials / password retrieval actions Windows operating system and other third party programs can request. This eliminates the need of remembering user names, passwords and other authentication data, and in turn it provides greater security. Passwords can now in fact become as long and complex as they should to optimally protect your assets.

A token device can store all password records for its holder and pass this information to password requesting applications automatically, in a secure way. Such secure data are filled directly into the authenticating application without mouse or keyboard being used. Thus there is no chance for malicious software to sniff the credentials and capture sensitive data.

charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory can therefore be considered an effective Single Sign-On system which visually extends password fields with the automation and interaction area.

charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory features

Windows authentication requests automation
charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory provides convenient enhancements to standard Windows authentication requests such as "Connect as", "Run as", elevation prompts and practically all others.
password automation for Windows programs
charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory provides the ability to automate the account / password entry function for nearly all Windows based programs. Password automation allows performing a secure login with a password record stored on a token and optionally to create a Login Automation rule for the request. The automation rule ensures that the requested user credentials are automatically pre-filled and login action is optionally automated should the same authentication request reappear in the future.
password automation for web forms
charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory provides the ability to automate login data entry in web-based (html) applications similarly to Windows programs. The feature is available in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Support for other browsers is coming.

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