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charismathics plug´n´crypt® is an all-in-one USB device. It combines the functionality of a smart card and a smart card reader with the convenience of a USB flash memory stick, creating a unique new product: Your easy-to-use companion for mobile security and secure data storage.

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product overview

charismathics plug´n´crypt RFID

product overview

charismathics plug´n´crypt handheld

product overview

And if we talk about secure data encryption – we really mean it. charismathics plug´n´crypt is available with up to 8GB of flash memory, or as pure ID product. All devices can also embed an optional RFID transponders to combine logical and physical access control, in compliance with all mainstream protocol standards. The product range includes the following form factors:


In all cases it is competitively priced and comes with a long list of software to allow it to be used within all major software environments.

feel the advantage

Personal profiles, keys and passwords, files and even digital certificates can now be stored and truly encrypted in only one device, small enough to carry and big enough for all that is important to you. A memory partitioning option allows to separate encrypted and non-encrypted data just like on two hard disks. Your personal passwords, keys and certificates can be securely stored on a smart card chip and accessible only by an individual PIN.

Thanks to the charismathics plug´n´crypt security mechanisms, even losing your device will not be of any danger anymore - as nobody could ever make use of your secret data. Moreover charismathics plug´n´crypt integrates into all well known standard software solutions, increasing their usability, convenience and security by far. Together with our charismathics smart security interface©, this product represents the ultimate solution for all hardware-based security requirements.

features and benefits

  • personal USB mobility device for all personal settings, using true PKI functions
  • optional availability with up to 8GB flash memory

  • security chip for true data encryption and secure key and key pair storage

  • importing of digital certificates for creating digital signatures

  • plugging into all standard software applications and environments

    • MS Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, Outlook Express

    • Firefox, Netscape, Groupwise, Lotus Notes etc.

    • Adobe Acrobat 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

    • Entourage,, Safari

  • multi-client OS platform support

    • Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7

    • Linux Redhat, SuSe, Debian

    • MacOS X, Sun Solaris, Star Office

  • multi-security chip support

    • plugs into existing PKI environments for smooth hardware upgrades

  • also available as smart card only product with standard smart card reader

charismathics plug´n´crypt application support

charismathics is closely working with partners to enable our customer’s architectures to work properly, reliably and securely. Hence, and before releasing them for use, we run our products in outstanding and exceptional environments to ensure a maximum of technical acceptance and stability.

Our product also supports the pre-boot environments of all major hard disk encryption (HDE) software, not only by stored credentials, but X.509 certificate-based strong authentication mechanisms. This makes your hardware choice for tokens independent of the software in use!

your inquiry

The charismathics plug´n´crypt product suite is available with and without PKI client software. Biometric sensors, file encryption and password management software are optional extensions. Please include all optional features and the required volume in your inquiry.


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