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charismathics CSSI is FIPS 201 compliant

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charismathics is particularly attentive to the US market and, with its charismathics smart security interface PIV, US government agencies have a better choice for PIV middleware when deploying PIV solutions complying with HSPD 12. charismathics CSSI PIV middleware not only supports the interoperability of PIV cards at the middleware level, but also at the application level.

charismathics CSSI PIV supports in fact PIV cards from all major PIV card vendors, including ActivIdentity, Oberthur, Gemalto, and Athena. Unlike the middleware packages from these vendors, charismathics CSSI PIV has been specifically designed for interoperability and performance with all cards.

With charismathics CSSI PIV, PIV cards can therefore be used for logical access applications such as remote access, computer logon, digital certifi cate signing and encryption.

charismathics CSSI PIV runs on

, windows10 62x62    , win8 62x62    , win7 62x62    , moc os x 62x62    , linux 62x62    , solaris 62x62

CSSI PIV Product Modules

, piv  2

GSA APL listing

, gsa 62x62 03

charismathics CSSI PIV has been validated FIPS 201 compliant by the National Institute of Standard NPIVP, and is listed on the GSA FIPS 201 approved products list.


GSA APL Listing (line item #450)

  • Supplier: charismathics Inc.
  • Category: PIV Middleware
  • Part#: CSSI PIV
  • Approved Software Version:


charismathics was the first one to achieve the NIST certification level SP 800-85A-1/SP800-73-2 and has now been validated for level SP800-73-3 as well.


NIST Certification

  • Validation level: SP 800-73-3
  • Certificate Number: 17
  • Certification Date: 20 September 2012

charismathics CSSI PIV benefits and features

CSSI PIV offers

  • FIPS 201 compliance and GSA approval
  • multi card support: all major PIV card vendors
  • multi platform support: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris
  • wide application support: remote logon, computer logon, digital signature, email signing and encryption
  • automatic certificate (de)registration
  • support for class 2 secure PIN entry devices
  • full feature client adminsitration utility

CSSI PIV supports multiple application interfaces, including CSP, PKCS#11 and tokenD. CSSI PIV is provided with an Administration utility which permits the end user to browse the PIV card, including the card certificates and data, allowing for remote troubleshooting. CSSI PIV also automatically manages certifi cate registration and de-registration on smart card insertion and removal. charismathics CSSI PIV provides a complete client that supports a wide range of platforms and applications such as pre-boot and disk encryption, computer logon, VPN, RDP, SSL support, email and document signing as well as encryption and Single Sign-On.


, idf15 119x70 18 - 20 Aug 2015
San Francisco, California, USA
, anniversary 119x70 22 Sep 2015
Munich, Germany
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