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This is our PKI smart card product range for all governmental, public service and physical access applications. charismathics offers its charismathics smart security component© embedded into ISO 7816 plastic, whether as full size cards or SIM plugs. They are offered with different types of plastic (ABS, PC and PVC) and either using cold glue or hot melt procedures. You are able to choose among plain cards, or receive them electrically initialized or fully personalized. If you wish to purchase plain PKI smart cards and would like to initialize or personalize them yourself, charismathics will be able to provide optional software customization services to design fast, reliable and certifiable production software according to your manufacturing requirements. For USB stick solutions check our charismathics plug´n´crypt® product range.

digital signature

Partnering with Certification Authorities and in combination with our charismathics smart security interface©, we also provide certified and ready-to-use PKI smart cards and PKI USB sticks to conduct digital signatures according to all legal requirements applicable in your country. Please contact our sales team for project related inquiries.

hybrid cards, dual interface cards and other card features

Please do not hesitate to inquire for any special card function you are looking for: dual chip or dual interface cards, contactless ISO 14443 cards, optional memory chips, magnetic stripes and visual personalization will be provided according to your specification. charismathics supplies a high volume of these products to the world market. By our extraordinary experience in security hardware manufacturing and with an own logistical team, we provide an excellent service for a minimum investment at all volumes.

For inquiries about any of the charismathics PKI smart cards, please also refer to charismathics smart security component. Then please use our online inquiry form.


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