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CardOS 4.01a – CardOS 4.20 – CardOS 4.30 – CardOS 4.2B – CardOS 4.3B – CardOS 4.2C – CardOS 4.4


Cosmo ID v5 – Cosmo ID v7 – JCOP 21 – JCOP 31 – JCOP41 – jTOP v1 – jTOP v2 – jTOP v3


StarCOS 2.3 – StarCOS 2.4 – StarCOS 3.x – Smartcafé Expert 3.x – ACOS 03 EMV – TCOS 3.0

charismathics values its customers with a full service product portfolio. Therefore, and among ready manufactured smart cards and USB sticks, we also offer the in-built PKI security components as stand-alone products. As raw silicon wafers, sawn on frames or already mounted as smart card modules, waffle packs or dual inline packages (DIP).

If you are to manufacture smart cards, you wish to integrate them into other hardware, or connect them to software with native code, this product category is your choice. All of the offered components provide evaluated minimum security levels of either ITSEC E4h or CC EAL 4+, and the latest symmetric and asymmetric algorithm support. The ultimate choice: All of them may be replaced with each other seemlessly when using charismathics smart security interface© software platform.


You will find all offered premium quality components in the product overview below:




charismathics smart security component©

product overview

hardware integration support

charismathics supplies a very high volume of PKI smart card ICs to the world market. By our extraordinary experience in security hardware integration of our support team, we also provide hardware and software support for all these devices.
Unlike other suppliers, we are able to provide a premium service for a minimum investment at all volumes by modular product architecture: you may be looking for a dedicated product compliance with specifications of service providers or national authorities; we would customize our products to make you a dedicated solution available, enabling you to approach your markets with the most adequate proposition.

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