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smart card readers – USB 1.1 – USB 2.0 – RS232 – PCMCIA – ISO 14443 – terminal readers

charismathics appreciates your business. That’s why we have teamed up with world leading manufacturers to offer a state-of-the-art product range of PKI smart card readers to you.

Do you want your smart security reader waterproof? Do you want to easily personalize your security components? Do you want them contactless? Do you want them in-built in your desktop computers? Or rather in your keyboard? Our product range is directed to quality and price. charismathics capillary network and product insights will assist you in detecting the device that best meets your demand from both a technological and commercial point of view. We are able to logistically support you in all continents and all times.



charismathics smart security reader

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smart security terminal

Some PKI project roll-outs require dedicated smart card terminals. Whether with PIN pads, fingerprint sensors, with or without displays. Whether for one or two cards or even certified for specific applications such as EMV, or Geldkarte and others. charismathics is able to provide you smart card terminals in co-operation with qualified suppliers. Please contact our project team for all further questions and a detailed discussion about your tasks.

Your guarantee in buying from us: all readers are completely tested and qualified to work with all our smart security solutions. Don’t risk incompatibility of drivers and software applications. Go ahead with your customers and check-out our competitiveness – for all volumes you desire.

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