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The cooperation with our solution partners allows charismathics to also resell complementary products to its core business; by joining forces parties increase their proposition value and reach wider market segments.

Feel free to contact us to learn all the specific details about the item of your interest.

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charismathics plug'n'crypt integrated in ControlSphere suite

The ideal software suite to boost up your USB authentication token: one box to easily configure and get the best out of Windows logon, file and folder encryption, single sign-on, data security and control.

Customers who purchase charismathics CSSI licenses in bundle with hardware devices, whether smart cards or USB tokens, do also receive for free the charismathics plug'n'crypt password memory application, a utility which allows for effective password management.

Users can then upscale and inquire for additional interoperable modules which address the common needs for Windows and network logon, hard disk and file encryption, enterprise token management.


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San Francisco, California, USA
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Munich, Germany
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