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Product customization is provided to you as a service by charismathics in any number of ways. All of the solutions supplied by charismathics can be customized to meet special needs, particular certifications and user requirements.

The hardware devices are produced with the desired organization’s logo tailored to the corporate image or intended user group. The software components are available modularly for inclusion into existing frameworks and environments.

Smart cards and card readers carry chosen graphics before they are delivered to their final destinations.

Smart USB tokens provide several options for customization including the form factor of the housing, qualities including durable water (and dust) proof, plastic or metal, etc. The logos can be applied by silk screen, or in the form of durable bubble labels. The customization service is particularly interesting to organizations that need to enforce a unique image to their users, and is of indispensable value for OEM and bundle product offerings.

Customization specifications and available form factors are available upon request.


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