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The charismathics software is also designed to be used in the production process by organizations that supply pre-configured smart cards. The charismathics smart security interface© is made up of software components that can be used in the customization of smart cards including:

  • Chip initialization and re-initialization
  • Key and certificate generation, resetting
  • Unique identification number imprinting
  • Other personalization as required

Instead of spending days and weeks for programming your production equipment, we are able to deliver both the application specific PKI middleware together with all the necessary scripts to initialize and personalize our PKI hardware components according to your customer´s demand. This isn´t only much easier and ensures a reliable quality and production yield - it is a big money saver in all steps of the value chain. We are recommending this especially to

  • direct mail services
  • smart card manufacturers
  • certificate authorities 

Ask us about how we can make your production process more efficient!


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