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PC/SC describes the interoperability standards for smart card integrated circuit cards (ICC), their card readers and personal computers. The most recent release of this standard is PC/SC 2.0

Further information regarding the specifications and white papers for the PC/SC can be found at the PC/SC workgroup.


PKCS stands for Public-Key Cryptography Standard, and is a set of standards and protocols set up by the RSA laboratories to allow applications and devices to communicate with one another. The standards were developed by RSA Laboratories in cooperation with a consortium that includes among others Apple, Lotus, Sun, Microsoft, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

interface standard



 cryptographic message syntax standard

PKCS #11

 cryptographic token interface standard

PKCS #12

 personal information exchange syntax standard

PKCS #15

 cryptographic token information format standard


Microsoft Crypto-API together with the Microsoft Cryptographic Service Provider are components of the Microsoft operating system that enable devices, applications and certificates to communicate to one another.

  • CSP
  • base CSP

Please see using the MS-CAPI interface.

TSS (trusted platform service stack)

TSS is the interface standard defined by TCG (Trusted Computing Group), and available as revision 1.1 and 1.2.

Please check using the TSS stack interface.


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